Technical Articles 2018

Traditionally the VDW publishes in advance of the event technical articles.

The images relating to the articles are available on the Medianet of Messe Düsseldorf.

Medianet Messe Düsseldorf

When laser lettering disturbs concentricity - METAV 2018 showcases tools in the Moulding Area

Frankfurt am Main, 08 February 2018. – Even though the digital transformation is increasingly revolutionising all areas of the METAV 2018, one thing is certain: even today’s digitalised metalworker is still earning his money with a blade. The crucial considerations applying for micro-tools used in tool and mould construction are outlined by the Baden-based tool manufacturer Stefan Zecha, Managing Director and Managing Partner of Zecha Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH from Königsbach-Stein. The company will be one of the exhibitors in the Moulding Area.

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Holistic, bionic and disruptive - Additive Manufacturing Area at the METAV 2018 is ideally suited for networking

Frankfurt am Main, 6 November 2017. – Components produced by additive manufacturing (AM) are ideally created using processes designed specifically for 3D printing throughout. Under these conditions, generative processes may usefully complement or supersede existing technologies. The current state of affairs is described as follows by one of the METAV’s regular participants Rainer Lotz, who as the Managing Director of Renishaw GmbH from Pliezhausen will be showcasing his firm’s capabilities at the Additive Manufacturing Area for what is already the second time.

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Medical Area at the METAV 2018: customised solutions for curative competence

Frankfurt am Main, 23 November 2017. – According to experts, “only the best of the best” in terms of machine tools qualify for use in the medical technology sector. From the viewpoint of a long-standing exhibitor at the Medical Area, the Citizen company elucidates how this is achieved even for highly complex 3D parts by a vastly experienced pioneer.

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Medical Area at the METAV 2018: A healthy form of collaboration for curative technology

Frankfurt am Main, 30 October 2017. – The requirements applying to production systems for medical technology are enormously stringent: the certified lines have to operate faultlessly, meet strict hygiene regulations, and document every important step in the production process. Unsurprisingly, innovative firms opt for intercompany teamwork here: the Medical Area of the METAV 2018 will open new interesting chapters of collaboration here in 2018 – in Düsseldorf, the IMSTec company from Rhineland-Palatinate will be showcasing a new production line that it has developed together with the machine tool manufacturer Schütte from Cologne, Germany.

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METAV 2018: intelligent clamping systems are on the advance - Moulding area shows solutions for die and mould making

Frankfurt am Main, 17 October 2017. – Automation and digital transformation are inspiring all sections of the METAV 2018: this applies particularly to the Moulding Area, which will be supporting die and mould making manufacturers in identifying the right machinery for their plants, and the VDMA’s Clamping Technology Forum. Römheld’s Managing Director Hans-Joachim Molka and Hainbuch’s Head of Product Management Stefan Nitsche reveal the innovations in clamping technology they intend to unveil in Düsseldorf for the T+M sector in February 2018.

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