FOBA Y-Serie

FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving (ALLTEC GmbH), Selmsdorf

FOBA Y-Serie

High potential fiber marking lasers: More clarity, less complexity

Laser marking has become one of the preferred methods for product identifi cation, decoration
and material processing. Many applications have been developed. Almost any material
can be marked. And still, new fi elds of use arise. Due to ever increasing quality standards,
new legal and industrial regulations, or the manufacturer's intent to add value and safety to
their products. This constant demand has lead to a proliferation of lasers and solutions that
challenge a customer's ability to integrate laser marking technology and put it into use.
This is where the Y-Series comes into play. The novel fi ber laser markers have been
developed to create more clarity and take the complexity out of laser marking. With the
new series, FOBA introduces a modular platform consisting of both compact and fl exible
fi ber marking lasers that address most of today's and tomorrow's product marking needs.

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