Drilling machines

Cematek Mühendislik makina ins. iml. san ve tic ltd. sti, Ankara

Drilling machines

We offer Column Drilling Machines, Bench Drilling Machines.

Inverter driven or as gear drilling machines.

The range includes also Master Screw Tapping Machines.


The HyDrill 30 EF inverter driven drilling machine contains a rotation speed range: from 250 to 2500 rpm - and has a digital tachometer.

The stepless speed adjustment ranges with nearly constant torques are generated about a two spindel/motor step system.

The rotation speed is stepless adjustable within these speed stages.

The two spindle speed steps are obtained via a quick change main motor belt system.

3 automatically drill feeds, are switchable over an electro-magnetic clutch.

It can be engaged via 3 buttons at the top of of the three spindle movement levers.

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