Column drilling machine

Cematek Mühendislik makina ins. iml. san ve tic ltd. sti, Ankara


retrofittable on most machines of other manufacturers

set-up times less than 5 minutes (due to zero point system and electrical quick fastener)

CNC-monitored drilling operation

drillings up to 850 mm


cost-effective in purchase and maintenance



Deep drilling milling machines for complex machining are too expensive in purchasing due to a low capacity utilisation.

In contrast to these machines other machine tools come up against their limits by machining deep holes.

Tiefbohrfix is the solution for this problem. The adapter module which we applied patent for, can be adapted to most machine tools and allows you to transform your machine into a deep drilling machine within only a few minutes, which does not have to hide itself behind conventional deep drilling technology.



For using the Tiefbohrfix at its best, AUERBACH bed-type milling machines can be purchased with additional options from now on:


deep drilling-compatible coolant device

(adaption of flow and pressure) aligned SPL-spindle for deep drilling

sensor system and monitoring, e.g. monitoring of frequency oscillation and temperature

minimal lubrication system by HPM-Breeze.


Mode of operation:

The Tiefbohrfix is docked on the spindle housing, where a parallel plate to the spindle is mounted. The tool holder with deep drilling tools, which has been mounted into the deep drilling unit moves into the tool taper of the spindle housing and is fixed by the tool clamper.

Tiefbohrfix is connected with the machine control by an electric quick fastener. So we can ensure that the NC-controlled whip guides receive the necessary feed signals. The required changing time for inserting the deep drilling unit with a comparable tool is under 5 minutes.

After docking the deep drilling unit incl. drilling tool, the tool position data is typed into the control. Machining data for programmed holes, e.g. specific drilling data, general cutting data and cutting and coolant monitoring data have to be typed into the AUERBACH machining cycles, which are programmed especially for deep drilling. This data is an essential part of the new kind of drilling deep holes with machining centres and it helps monitoring the drilling process and avoiding broken tools.

After completing all preparations, the machining process in which the drill moves to the starting position begins. The tool moves with the help of the feed values into the work piece. The whip guides, which have been adjusted in the defined distance of 40 x D, move synchronically to the machine feed, so that the tool is protected permanently.

The spindle speed will be stopped after achieving the drilling depth and the tool moves backwards out of the hole. Also the whip guides move backwards synchronically to their starting position. Thereafter the deep drilling unit can be put aside in its designated transport carrier on a space of 1 m².

The economic use of the development of this deep drilling unit Tiefbohrfix is that we can do comprehensive tasks directly. This means that we can drill deep holes via swivelling the spindle head in an angle of +/- 90°. By using a rotary table all 5 sites of the work pieces can be drilled in all angels. Till now normally special deep drilling machines have been used for machining deep holes. One disadvantage was that deviations occurred because of clamping twice. It was also a problem that unnecessary costs arose due to additional transport and holding time within the value chain. Furthermore there are no small deep drilling machines, which offer comparable machining opportunities than the combined milling machines with an adaptable deep drilling unit.

Tiefbohrfix costs only a fractional amount in comparison to a deep drilling machine, but is more powerful and requires less space.

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