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VDW Technology Day “Safety guidelines at machine tools”

VDW Technology Day “Safety guidelines at machine tools”

The VDW’s Technology Conference will be devoting special attention to operational dependability. Safety-engineering requirements cannot always be evidenced purely theoretically or mathematically. So it’s all the more important to analyse safety concepts that have already been successfully disseminated in the field. Their dependability can be vividly demonstrated using statistical methods. Then it may even be possible to argue for a zero risk. For this purpose, safety features have to be improved. Here, cost-efficiency-focused design engineers are always endeavouring to minimise the acceptable outlay.

Experts from the machine tool industry, from component manufacturers and from machinery owners, will map out how present-day systems can already be classified as very safe and capable of complying with legal requirements, even without much additional outlay involved. Examples here include the exceptionally field-proven workpiece clamping feature on lathes or the actual safety of standard PLCs in the field. The latter, in particular, are better than their reputation, fuelling a concomitant demand for full-coverage deployment of PLCs with enhanced safety. The result is that visitors to the VDW’s Technology Conference can verify for themselves that machines designed in conformity with the relevant standards meet extremely stringent safety requirements - provided they are also properly operated and maintained.

When: 23. February 2016, 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
Where: CCD Congress Center East, Room R
Language: German
Participation fee: 150 Euros plus VAT

Organiser: Maschinenbau-Institut GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, VDW German Machine Tool Builders’ Association, Frankfurt am Main

Your contact person: Heinrich Mödden, VDW, Tel. +49 69 756081-13,