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Youth Education and Development Foundation stages Metalworking Careers - METAV 2018 advertises for young talent for the machine tool industry, its customers and component suppliers


Frankfurt am Main, 14 February 2018. – Do something with a future. Your chance in machine building is the motto of the Special Youth Show at the METAV 2018 from 20 to 24 February in Düsseldorf. The opportunities were never so good to find a thrilling, demanding and also very well paid career in metalworking.
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Design or non-design: form and function follow ergonomics and operator language - METAV 2018 in Düsseldorf to spotlight machinery design


Frankfurt am Main, 06 February 2018. – What role does design play nowadays in machine tool manufacture? Does the principle of “form follows function” still apply – or is function sometimes being downgraded in perceived importance in favour of an aesthetically pleasing form? Besides upgraded functionalities, the METAV 2018 in Düsseldorf will also be spotlighting some eye-catching design highlights.
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What are the salient features of a safe machine tool nowadays? - The METAV’s specialists’ symposium on “Fire and Explosion Protection” will be showcasing new solutions


Frankfurt am Main, 01. February 2018. – German machine tools are regarded as among the safest in the world. Nonetheless, the issue of safety remains a perennially topical one for R&D experts, and has for many years now been a significant focus for the VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association), Frankfurt/Main, and the Mainz-based Wood and Metal Employers’ Liability Insurance Association.
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Clamping devices of the future at the METAV 2018 - The 3rd Clamping Technology Forum offers solutions for optimised production


Frankfurt am Main, 01. February 2018 – A skilful choice of clamping devices for tool and workpiece avoids expensive change-over times and helps to utilise the machine tool’s potentials more effectively. This means: optimal clamping devices can substantially improve productivity in the manufacturing operation.
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METAV 2018 to showcase innovations in grinding - The 7th Dortmund Grinding Seminar will offer opportunities for dialogue and networking


Frankfurt am Main, 25 January 2018. – Under the aegis of this year’s METAV in Düsseldorf, the 7th Dortmund Grinding Seminar “METAV-Special 2018” will be held on 22 and 23 February 2018. The seminar will be hosted by the Institute of Machining Technology (ISF) at Dortmund University of Applied Science in conjunction with the VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association).
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Risk-awareness does not suffice in the digital shadow world - METAV 2018 to give tips on cyber-security


Frankfurt am Main, 29 January 2018. – “There is strong shadow where there is much light.” This well-known quote from Goethe also applies to the digital transformation: not only does data communication benefit the company concerned, it also lures the data thief.
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